Elshazly Casings Company

Elshazly Casings Company is one of the leading companies in the natural Casings field  was established in 1982, its natural Casings which consist of sheep and beef casings are used in sausages and hot dog  by most processes meat manufacturers in Egypt and abroad. The Company is ISO 22000, ISO 14001 ,ISO 9001,and OHSAS 18001 Certified , to provide a safe and healthy product to the local and international market , The company is member in ENSCA , INSCA , ENCA ,GACIC , CCFE and enjoy good reputation in the market and within its customers that are among the  largest local and international Processed meat companies worldwide. 


INSCA 2005 in Cairo



Beef casings

Why Natural Casings?

  • Natural casings have distinctive characteristics, full of natural flavour, aroma and are permeable allowing for deep smoke penetration.
  • Tender and thin the ovine casings are firm and tasteless as required by the sausage producers.
  • Natural casings provide the perfect bite that cannot be matched by synthetic.
  • When cooking with natural casing the flavours infuse better and the finished product is more visually appealing.
  • Sausage in natural casings stay tender, juicy and maintains a fresher appearance.
  • Natural casings help retain the seasoning and its endothermic quality allows the sausage to stay tender and fresh, extending its shelf life.
  • When you bite into natural casing sausage you experience a distinctive snap unmatched by any other product.
Sheep Casings